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When you visit www.???? or any sub-domain of we use cookies to gather information and details about your visit. We do this so that we can find out which bits of our website are the most popular.

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your computer by a website server.It is essentially a unique identifier and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. 


If you personalize pages, make a purchase or register for services, a cookie help the website remember who you are.


Cookies cannot usually be used to reveal your identity or gather any personal information.

What is a cookie?

How we use cookies

When you visit www.???? we use cookies to gather information and details about your visit. We make no further attempt to find out your identity whilst you are using our website.


This is how cookies are used:


Essential site cookiesTrafford
Used to record your web browsing session including your signon (if applicable).
Also stores any colour or text size preference and whether you have accepted the cookie notice.
Trafford Forumbbsessionhash
Used to record your login session (if applicable) and your last activity on the forum.
SOCITM Takeup Servicesocitm_include_meX
socitm_exclude_meX socitm_exclude_altX
We use the SOCITM Takeup Service to for the customer satisfaction survey that you may see when browsing our website.
Google Analytics_utma
We use Google Analytics to monitor usage statistics for the website. You have the option to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics.

Deleting or Rejecting Cookies

We recommend that you allow all cookies set by our website as they help us provide you with a better customer experience.

If you decide to disable cookies within your browser then you may not be able to access certain parts our website.


Cookies used by do not infringe on your privacy or threaten the security of your computer.More information about cookies is available on and further guidance on the new EU e-Privacy Law can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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