Trafford Design Code


Commercial and non-residential buildings

Design codes for non-residential buildings for commercial use


This chapter is intended to apply to range of building uses including, but not necessarily limited to the following uses:

  • Industrial
  • Warehouses and storage
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Civic
  • Retail
  • Leisure

The scale of development covered by the Design Code in this chapter is wide ranging and will apply equally to small scale developments and large scale developments.


Functionality is also paramount to ensure building and spaces around it are utilised in the manner with which they were intended and it should not be sacrificed for the sake of maximising the floor area. New proposals should not simply repeat what has come before, but seek to innovate and improve the surrounding environment wherever possible. This should be done through their design, orientation, siting and landscape treatments.


Successful design solutions will vary according to the buildings use and location, whether it be town centre, retail or industrial parks.   

Features of commercial and non-residential buildings

  • Mix of uses
  • Nursery of creche facility to support offices
  • Open plan spaces
  • Internal and external landscape
  • Green roofs and walls
  • Natural ventilation

All commercial and non-residential case studies

Regatta HQ

by Fletcher Rae Architects and One Environments for Regatta The conversion of an existing industrial warehousing into the  corporate head offices, provided an opportunity to

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ARC, Sydney

ARC, Sydney by Koichi Takada Architects for Crown Group Arc is made up of two 26-storey, 80-meter high towers. The mixed-useA well-integrated mix of different

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Clapham One

Clapham One by Studio Egret West The 12-storey building is formed of a series of curved, white masonry volumes that are articulated to break down

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Oldham Town Hall

Oldham Town Hall by BDP for Oldham Council The development ensures certain architectural features and decorations are retained while allowing the building to have a

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Wellington Place, Leeds

Wellington Place, Leeds by DLG, Arup, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Architects (FCBS), Carey Jones and Gillespies, Martha Schwartz (Landscape) Wellington Place marks an important part

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Permeable paving options