Trafford Design Code

Hortham Village

by Barratt Homes

The Hortham Village demonstrates how to create a place by simply retaining a large amount of existing landscape within the project boundary. A striking amount of mature large trees have been retained by creating a master plan around the existing site conditions. Despite a relatively standard housing architecture, the overall site benefits hugely from these dominating trees that form the centre of the public amenity spaces that residents can use and look onto due to large amount of housing facing the landscape. 


Residential Greening Factor

Residential Urban Greening Factor: 0.64

Total Site Area: 197,000sqm

Amenity grassland: 47%

(public space grass and garden grass areas)

Semi-natural vegetation: 27%

(natural mature trees and species rich grassland)

Sealed surfaces: 26%

(roads, driveways and building footprint)

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