Trafford Design Code

The Trudo Tower

by Stefano Boeri Architetti for Trudo Netherlands

The 18-storey tower is 70 meters high and offers space for 125 social housing units. There are eight lofts per floor from the 4th to the 18th floor. Five lofts are located on the third floor, which is shared with a large communal interior space and a large communal roof terrace. A perfect space to meet fellow residents and organize joint activities.


More than 5,200 shrubs and plants, climbers and hangers grow and bloom in and on the tower. This creates a green oasis of up to 70 meters high. Because each loft has a balcony with green boxes, the Trudo Tower offers a total of space for no fewer than 125 mature trees (some up to 6.5 meters high).  

All these trees, shrubs and plants are good for 50,000 kilos of CO 2 absorption and 13,750 kilos of oxygen on an annual basis. The trees of the Trudo Tower were purchased in 2018. This allowed the roots to get used to the future environment in a smaller space. All trees and plants have been carefully selected thanks to a collaboration between Laura Gatti (Italian botanist), Dupré Groenprojecten and Van de Berk tree nursery in Sint-Oedenrode. The first bird’s nest was spotted in the trees of the Trudo Tower in May 2021. In Bosco Verticale in Milan, about twenty bird species nest in the trees. 



Permeable paving options