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Balconies and Terraces

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Balconies and Terraces


Access to private amenity space is important for the health and wellbeing of residents, therefore all apartments should be provided with private amenity space, whether it be a garden, balcony or terrace.


Terraces and balconies can add interest to building elevations, but they should always be integral to the design of the building, not compromise the privacy of existing neighbours and seek to optimise privacy for new neighbours. “bolt-on” balconies will not normally be supported.


Sensitively designed roof gardens can provide welcome additional private and communal amenity space. However, for accessibility reasons, where provided as a communal garden they should generally only be provided in addition to a garden at ground level, and not as a substitute.

Codes in this Section

Features of apartment balconies and terraces

  • Private balconies for each apartment
  • Gardens for ground floor apartments
  • Communal courtyard spaces with allotments and play areas
  • Shared deck terrace spaces
  • Small front garden for ground floor apartments







Parapets and screening

Apartments Balconies and Terraces Case Studies

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Permeable paving options