Trafford Design Code

Form and Profile

Plan and Layout


Elevation and Proportion

Balconies and Terraces

Materials and Detail

Boundaries, Servicing and Plant

Car and Bicycle Parking


Form and Profile


Apartment buildings can often be incongruous with the surrounding context. Therefore careful consideration is required when thinking about their elevation, form and profile.

Features of apartment form and profile

  • Respect the surrounding scale and context
  • Reference existing architectural features and roof form
  • Ensure amenity spaces and windows have satisfactory levels of natural light.


Scale, form and context


Replicating scale; In certain situations it will be necessary to replicate the scale of width and heights of the surrounding context:

Gentle densification: There may be circumstances where gentle densification will be acceptable by increasing the height and width of apartments compared to the surrounding context


Roof form



Setbacks at roof level



Daylight, sunlight and overshadowing

Example of maximising sunlight and daylight levels to amenity space on north facing plot

The example shows how apartment building form, roof profile and placement has been designed to an appropriate density but also to optimise sunlight to the rear amenity spaces on a north facing plot. There are gaps in the southern elevation and the communal space has been placed to north of plot to allow for maximum sunlight.

Shadow study taken on March 21st between 9am and 4pm

Communal open space

Private garden space

Apartment form and profile case studies

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Permeable paving options