Trafford Design Code

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Elevational Treatment

Tall Buildings

Location and Siting


The siting of tall buildings should be considered very carefully to ensure they do not adversely affect the existing townscape character or the setting of heritage assets and provide sufficient space between and around buildings to deliver an appropriate level of privacy and a landscaped setting.


Locally important views, vistas and landmarks should be preserved and existing heritage assets given sufficient space around them in order to preserve their setting. 


Tall building proposals should follow the established principles of group composition, such as noticeable stepping down in height around cluster edges and a balanced range of heights

Features of tall building location and siting

  • Consider context
  • Step down in height
  • Coherent skyline
  • Landscaped setting
  • Retain existing views



Example of context character appraisal

A context character appraisal should be carried out at the outset to establish the suitability of the site and include consideration of:

1. Topography
2. Urban grain
3. Significant skyline views
4. Scale and height
5. The streetscape
6. Landmark buildings
7. Constraints & opportunities
8. Impact on nearby heritage assets
9. Opportunities for enhancing the townscape




Tall buildings can be integrated into larger urban blocks successfully


Views, vistas and landmarks

Examples of tall building views and vistas

Contextual views: importantly, consider how the building is viewed in relationship to its immediate neighbours. Is the scale change an interesting juxtoposition or an unwelcome overbearing eyesore?

Open space definition: consider how the building will enchance the space immediately around it, can it create the visual focus for an open space

Long vistas: consider how tower is viewed from long distances, how can enhance wayfinding and creating intrigue for vistors

Framed views: consider how other buildings can help to frame and emphasize the tower to create genuine landmarks

Tall building location and siting case studies

Clapham One

Clapham One by Studio Egret West The 12-storey building is formed of a series of curved, white masonry volumes that are articulated to break down

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Hale Wharf

Hale Wharf by Allies and Morrison for Muse Developments and Canal and River Trust Situated on a slender island on the River Lea, this project

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Egham Gateway

Egham Gateway master plan by Allford Monaham Morris Egham Gateway is a new mixed use development in the Runnymede borough of Surrey. Four mixed use

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Botanica Apartments

Botanica Apartments by Tim Groom Architects The site occupies a highly prominent location alongside the Bridgewater Way, a major arterial road running south west from

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The Otto Building

London Design District by Hawkins Brown for London Newcastle, LB Hackney and Local Education Partnership A collaboration together with the London Borough of Hackney (LBH)

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