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Elevational Treatment

Tall Buildings

Plan and Layout


The internal layout of tall buildings must provide good quality internal environments that promote health and wellbeing. They should relate well to spaces around them and contribute to social interaction and inclusion.

Codes in this Section

Features of tall building plan and layout

  • Dual aspect spaces to create well-lit spaces
  • Double height, well-articulated entrance lobbies
  • Safe and secure entrances


Dual aspect


Internal corridor slab;  Apartment units in a  long horizontal shape building should have longest elevations facing south and place core or services on north elevation

Internal corridor tower; apartments with small floorspace can maximize dual aspect apartments and have core on northern elevation


window elevations

dual aspect unit


Entrances and lobby spaces


Tall Building Plan and Layout Case Studies

Keybridge House

Keybridge House by Chapman Taylor and Allies and Morrison for Mount Anvil The concept design, by architects Allies and Morrison, includes a rich mix of

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Dockley Apartments

Dockley Apartments by Studio Woodroffe Papa for Matching Green Ltd The redevelopment of the Dockley Road Industrial Estate is part of a wider scheme transforming the railway

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Clapham One

Clapham One by Studio Egret West The 12-storey building is formed of a series of curved, white masonry volumes that are articulated to break down

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Permeable paving options