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Trafford Park, the world’s first and largest industrial  estate, lies in the northernmost part of the Borough. The Manchester Ship Canal forms the border with Salford, while Old Trafford and Stretford lie to the east.. Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme lie beyond the M60 to the southwest.


The area has a sprawling urban form with a variety of commercial buildings that are predominantly industrial in character. While developed to a relatively low density the area has a typically low level of pedestrian permeability and access leading to the dominance of vehicles and highways throughout.


Exceptions to this include the Village area, which has a finer grain and street pattern as a result of its former residential purpose, with historic elements well-preserved amongst less characterful surroundings.


The Trafford Centre and its surroundings also stand out as unique and are a regional focus for retail and leisure activities. It attracts high numbers of visitors however the majority arrive by car contributing to the dominance of the highway infrastructure.


Historic planning of the area has resulted in a surprising green character, which is at danger of being lost as sites are redeveloped and seek to maximise the land use.


Being located close to the regional city centre and surrounded by residential areas allows for good access to key transport connections and corridors. Trafford Park is an opportunity to build a sustainable place for work and leisure, and continue to be internationally recognisable as an industrious and prosperous location.


Local Character Areas

  • The Trafford Centre and land that surrounds it form a key visitor attraction in the Borough. It includes a number of retail and leisure opportunities close to the M60. It is dominated by a complex highway and car-parking network and is characterised by an eclectic mix of building forms and styles.
  • Central Way is the primary movement corridor linking directly to the M60 motorway. It includes a recent extension to the Metrolink tram network and forms most visitor’s experience of the area.
  • The main body of Trafford Park includes a mix of commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial uses. It has evolved over time with changes in manufacturing and is seeing some change in the businesses that operate within. It is notable for its verdant character throughout and includes a small ecology park.
  • The Bridgewater Canal passes through Trafford Park. It provides a link to Old Trafford and Stretford as well as into Manchester city  centre and is part of the Regional Cycle Network Route 82.
  • Trafford Waters is a newly planned mixed-use neighbourhood making use of land adjacent to the Manchester Ship Canal close to the Trafford Centre. It will bring a residential and workforce population to the area.
  • The Manchester Ship Canal is a significant heritage assetmake better use of its waterside setting, within both Trafford Park and along the green edge to the Borough through Davyhulme and beyond to Partington.

Place Specific Design Cues

Permeable paving options