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Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme

Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme are residential areas in the north west of the Borough. Their location is separated from the rest of the borough by the Manchester Ship Canal to the west, the M60 to the east, and the River Mersey forming the southern edge. Together the areas retain a distinct identity, known for their verdant qualities, with large open green spaces interspersed amongst housing which is often set along established tree lined streets and avenues.


The area is generally suburban in character and while there are some terraced streets close to the historic town centre of Urmston, the urban form beyond is typically less dense, with a proliferation of semi-detached and detached post-war houses that have generous plots.


A number of the streets benefit from a distinct planned form which results in wide avenues that integrate tree lined verges and cycle lanes, separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic.


Redevelopment in Urmston town centre has led to the loss of some of the historic grain, but has however, contributed to a resurgence in the local high street.


The area’s geographic spread and relative isolation has led to a slower rate of development. Nevertheless, the area has good potential for high quality residential design and the generous streets provide an opportunity for creating exemplar active travel routes.


Local Character Areas

  • Urmston is the principal town centre for the area and includes an historic high street while period properties are focused around its core;
  • Flixton is a residential area to the west which abuts the Manchester Ship Canal but  lacks an obvious centre;
  • Flixton Village on the fringes of the conurbation provides a snapshot of historic Trafford village life and retains a distinct identity centred around St Michael’s Church;
  • The River Mersey corridor has a less engineered riverbank through the area than elsewhere and provides the setting for recreation and leisure activities as well as natural habitats;
  • The Manchester Ship Canal provides an additional green resource as well as being a significant heritage asset, where remnants of its industrial past can be discovered;
  • Davyhulme is a residential area to the north which includes Trafford General Hospital and borders the M60 and nearby Trafford Centre. Like the rest of the area it boasts an extensive network of green spaces.

Place Specific Design Cues

Permeable paving options