Trafford Design Code

Form and Profile

Plan and Layout


Elevation and Proportion

Balconies and Terraces

Materials and Detail

Boundaries, Servicing and Plant

Car and Bicycle Parking


Elevation and Proportion


The design of apartments should take cues from the surrounding context and consider the opportunities for design detail and expression through tools such as the grouping of windows and entrances to bring composure and rhythm to the building facade.


The use of pitched roofs and creatively designed roofscapes is encouraged. Where part of a larger development, the elevation treatment and materials used in facades should be congruous with the rest of the development.

Features of apartment elevation and proportion

  • Roof form and elevation influenced by surrounding buildings
  • A rhythm of elevations is created on the street
  • Good size and well positioned windows relevant to the elevation
  • A coherent structure that is readable 
  • Active ground floor


Surrounding context



Coherent appearance

Examples of creating coherent elevations

Composition and arrangement of window openings

Forward projections in building profile

Repeated architectural details

Symmetry of neighbouring facades 

Vertical proportion of window openings

Horizontal proportions and replicated roof form




Façade depth and projection: Elevations can be made more visually interesting using recessed and projecting elements on the building elevation 

Façade articulation: Further visual depth can be achieved through articulating facades with brick details, window surrounds and doorways


Communal entrances



Private entrances


Apartment elevation and proportion case studies

Image shows the Roof Gardens Building in Manchester

The Roof Gardens

The Roof Gardens by Ollier Smurthwaite Architects for DeTrafford Estates. The perimeter block layout and back-to-back  dwellings delivers a site layout which responds to  the

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Photograph showing the Warehaus project by OMI Architects


Warehaus by OMI Architects for GW Developments Within the Ancoats Conservation Area the development comprises of the restoration of an existing historic mill building and

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Photograph of the Excelsior Works building in Manchester

Excelsior Works

Excelsior Works by Tim Groom Architects for Mulbury City The building occupies a pronounced location on the corner of Hulme Hall Road and converges upon

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Kings Crescent

Kings Crescent by Karakusevic Carson Architects and muf art/architecture Kings Crescent Estate in Stoke Newington, North London is a major estate renewal project which combines

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Portobello Square

Portobello Square, London by PRP Architects for Kensington Housing Trust (part of the Catalyst Housing Group) PRP was appointed by Catalyst Housing Ltd. for the

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ARC, Sydney

ARC, Sydney by Koichi Takada Architects for Crown Group Arc is made up of two 26-storey, 80-meter high towers. The mixed-useA well-integrated mix of different

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Permeable paving options