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Landscape led residential layouts


As set out in our Strategic Design Principles, our guiding principle for designing a development  is a ‘landscape-led’ approach. The residential development should incorporate a layered approach starting from the strategic objectives to the site context to ensure the design  is influenced by and knits into the wider community and existing landscape successfully.

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Features of landscape led layouts

  • Sustainable drainage methods
  • Street trees
  • Limited sealed surfaces
  • Permeable surfaces for parking
  • Hedgerow used for boundaries
  • Green walls and climbing plants encouraged
  • Green planting on car port
  • Green roofs
  • Grass with groundcover edging


Landscape led

Examples of landscape led residential developments

Using existing landscape to inform the layout structure of residential project; Hortham Village by Barratt Homes is an example of a residential scheme that has retained mature landscape and incorporated into the open spaces  which houses overlook

Residential projects designed around a landscape structure

Principles of open space layouts

Central park; A residential layout built around a central park

Pocket parks; A residential layout built with a connected series of pocket parks

Urban square; A residential layout built around a central park

Linear parks; layout with long linear open streets and spaces


Context and identity

Green spaces in the surrounding context

Look at the pattern and network of local open spaces and greenspace in the local area and where possible integrate this into layout of residential projects


Vehicle parking

Example of combining courtyard parking with landscape and drainage solution

Site wide SUDs; Solutions across the site for retention, removal or recycling of water 

Permeable paving; simple permeable surface material solutions for better water drainage

Residential sites landscape layouts case studies

Aarhus residence, Denmark

Aarhus residence, Denmark by CEBRA  when designing these new apartment buildings in aarhus, denmark, CEBRA architecture began with one of the most important spaces for a community: the

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Derwenthorpe by Studio Partington for Joseph Rowntree Foundation Derwenthorpe was one of the first large-scale low carbon communities in northern England. Its ‘green’ heating and

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Hortham Village

Hortham Village by Barratt Homes The Hortham Village demonstrates how to create a place by simply retaining a large amount of existing landscape within the

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Permeable paving options