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Thresholds and Boundaries


The space between the building and the public realm provides an opportunity for interaction between neighbours, contributes to a sense of security and creates space for planting. As such, a clearly defined form of defensible space should be provided to all new dwellings. Consideration should also be given to the impact on the public realm.


Boundary treatments should be used to hide the view of cars from the street scene. Applicants will be expected to create consistent and well-designed boundary treatments using in most cases, brick walls and planting, with the aim to create beautiful streets, improve security, distinguish between the public and private realm and increase biodiversity.

Features of housing threshold and boundary

  • Robust hard materials used on front boundary
  • Clear definition between public and private domain on front boundary
  • Space for landscaped garden to front of house
  • Front boundary to comprise low level wall with hedge behind.
  • Rear boundary treatment to comprise wall or fence with soft landscaping to suit context.


Front boundaries facing the street or other public realm

Examples of front boundaries

Examples of front boundary

Examples of house front boundaries

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Boundaries between rear gardens

Rear boundary hedgerow

Examples of shared boundaries


Boundaries between front gardens


Side or rear boundaries facing the street or other public realm

Examples of public facing boundaries

Examples of public facing boundaries




Historic boundary treatments

House threshold and boundaries case studies

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Permeable paving options